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Meet Bolokada Conde

                                                   "Bolokada and Friends Village Project"


Meet Moussa Bolokada Conde, one of the most celebrated master drummers in the world.  Bolokada, as he is known, was lead soloist of Les Percussions de Guinee for over a decade.  Today, he teaches workshops worldwide to beginning and advanced students.  Before moving to South Carolina to work with Universities there he was the Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois teaching traditional Malinke drumming, folklore and song.  He is a captivating teacher and performer; through this work he has made friends all over the globe.


We, the Friends, have made a commitment to help improve the health and well-being of Bolokada's friends and family who live in the small village of Morowaya where he grew up in Guinea, West Africa.  Through fundraising we help with projects to provide access to clean water, health education, and scholarships for children.  In addition,  the Friends intend to offer small grants for business start-ups which will ultimately result in improved health and economic growth leading to greater independence and self sufficiency. 


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