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                      Visiting Artist in Residency

As a Visiting Artist in Residency Bolokada will work with your percussion, choral, instrumental, or dance students and their teachers to choreograph a performance and then will perform with them at a concert or other event such as an West African Drum & Dance Party.  A dynamic and inspirational folklorist, he will customize a fun and high energy program that will have audiences on their feet.

                   Contact us for details and testimonials.


         Choreography - Performance Group

Bolokada has a lifetime of experience at the highest level possible to share with your performance group.  Invite him to teach traditional ancient rhythms that are new to you and not being done by other groups.  Together you will work out a completely fresh performance to take on the road.

                Contact us for details and testimonials.    

          World Culture or Heritage Day

Bring a world-renowned “Grandmaster Djembefola,” to your school.  Bolokada Conde will deliver an interactive West African drumming experience that is rich in Malinke tradition and the culture of Guinea and full of folkloric meaning.  Your students will always remember meeting him and playing the drums. 

       Contact us for details and testimonials.

           Colleges & Universities

For almost ten years, Bolokada traveled the world as lead soloist in Les Percussion de Guinee, the National Ballet Corp of Guinea.  The Guinea government recognizes and honors Bolokada with numerous awards for his dedication to preserving the music, folklore and language of his Malinke heritage.  Students learn new rhythms and songs and perspective on an old tradition from an ancient culture.

       Contact us for details and testimonials.  

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