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Build a Bridge Fundraising

Time for an update. The fundraising for this Build a Bridge Project is going well and we are getting closer to our goal each month. The tee shirts sales has been a fun way to engage people in the process and educate them at the same time of the needs of the people in Morowaya. Most of our fundraising programs include a lot of drumming and the use of story boards or short video clips of life Morowaya. Pictures speak a thousand words and the impact is powerful. Life is difficult in developing countries where people don't have access to simple things like clean water, enough food, access to medicine, education and the list goes on. The Bolokada & Friends Village Project is making a difference in the lives of these beautiful people one project at a time. I hope you'll read about our projects past and present to understand that we are committed to assisting this village for many years to come. The Board of Directors is very appreciative of the many ways you show your continued support. Thank you all so much.

The harvested rice dries in the sun.

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